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The Good Neighbor Principle

I began managing social media accounts in the summer of 2020, mid-covid. I wanted to help businesses use social media as a tool to reach their patrons. In the small town of my first client, the community did an amazing job of banding together to create events encouraging and inspiring people to shop small and local in the face of so much uncertainty. I did all my Christmas shopping in town that year.

This attitude led me to repost as many of the other business’s posts as possible; I wanted to use my client’s social media to not only foster growth for their financial goals, but also to support their neighbors. I also began creating Reels and posts featuring other local businesses in town. And you know what? Those posts got more engagement, likes, and reposts than many of my other posts. People love seeing businesses support each other. Plus, the businesses I would feature or repost often did the same in return, which meant my client received views from their following, too!

So, maybe this isn’t a new or special concept. Lots of small businesses already do a great job of supporting each other. But it can’t hurt to hear it one more time, right?

If your business lacks community with other businesses on social media, this message is for you. Build a community on social media with local businesses, because that’s where your ideal audience shops and eats. The good neighbor principle not only encourages you to support your community, it produces results for your business, too! So how can you get started?

  1. Repost your neighbor’s posts on your stories. Does a local business in your community have an event coming up? Repost! Allow your followers the opportunity to find new shops, restaurants, and service providers – especially if it's a business in your downtown or city center. If they go to that event or try a new local restaurant, what are the odds they’ll stop by your store? If you repost some local shops, your audience may decide to come have lunch at your restaurant after a day of shopping! See what I’m getting at? Promoting your community's growth benefits your growth!

  1. Comment and like other businesses' posts. Show up as their first comment! Support them, cheer them on, and become their biggest fan. Why? First off, it’s just nice. Second, they will likely support you in the same way. The activity between your two accounts will not only benefit both of your algorithms, but will also show your patrons and customers that you value each other. Remember: people love seeing businesses support each other.

  1. Feature other businesses in your posts and Reels. Not only are these posts bound to get a lot of positive attention, they have the potential to get a return on that business’s following. You’re automatically opening yourself up to both your audience and theirs. Not sure how to feature another business? Suggest a date night for your followers: choose a local activity, local restaurant, and a bar or dessert place to cap off the evening! (Especially if you’re one of the options, of course).

By building these ongoing relationships with businesses on social media, you’re also bound to create relationships offline. Cultivating trust online creates opportunities for businesses to partner in more ways than on social media. These partnerships will lead to an ecosystem of support, opportunities for joint events, and unlimited community growth. Start being a good neighbor today!

To summarize: repost and create content that supports fellow local businesses; engage with your neighbors on social media to attract raving fans; foster online trust to build offline partnerships in your community.

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