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Social Media Planning For The Busy Business Owner

Have you ever scrolled through your social media feed, and thought: “How do people come up with creative photos and videos everyday?” If you’re a small business owner or manager, you may have thought: “How do people have time to create content everyday and run a business?”

Here’s the secret: they probably aren’t coming up with something new everyday.

A cultivated, fruitful social media feed involves planning, preparation, and organization… not daily spontaneous creative ideas, or endless time. Organizing your content by intentional categories and planning it ahead of time does more than make your life easier, it helps you meet tangible financial goals and cut your time in half. Sound daunting and uncreative? Here’s how it’s not:

Rather than stare at a blank calendar, wondering how you can possibly fill 20 - 30 days of content, start with 4 categories: information, promotion, value, and engagement.

Informational posts: these are your basic posts that provide information to your audience, like hiring, hours, menu change, and more. These are the most boring posts, I know, but also the most practical – by keeping these posts branded properly, they will fit right in with your more fun or purpose-driven posts.

Promotional posts: when you directly sell your service or product, or promote a sale. For example, posts like: “Hey, our kayaks are on sale for 35% off right now!” or “Come try our new Bacon Cheeseburger!” It helps to actually sell stuff with your socials, right? Just try doing this without sounding like a stagnant salesman!

Value posts: providing your audience with entertainment, education, and free resources. This is every funny, dopamine-releasing Instagram Reel or TikTok that has sucked you into hours of scrolling. Entertaining and educating your audience is an ideal way to build raving fans for your brand, and authority in your industry.

Engagement posts: engaging with your audience by asking questions, interacting with them, and listening to suggestions or input. Have you ever gotten excited that a popular account you follow responded to your DM or comment? Doesn’t that make you want to engage in future posts even more? That’s the idea. Create a loyal audience, and they will be customers for life.

By organizing your content into these 4 categories, you are able to avoid things like over-promoting or lacking purpose in each post. It’s also easier to plan 2 informational posts, 8 promotional posts, 10 value-driven posts and 10 engaging posts, for example, than 30 posts with no intention or diversity. (Note, while only a small portion of your posts should be obviously promotional, all of your posts should still include a CTA and still point towards your product or service. For example, if you create a fun tutorial video for your audience, the goal is to make them want YOU to do it for them, even if you’re not directly selling yourself).

When you organize your content and plan for it to meet specific financial or growth goals, you will see social media pay off with tangible results. Spending a day or two planning out your goals, organizing your content into these four categories, and creating it with predetermined topics will save you hours of stress, uncertainty, and creative blocks. Rather than get that annoying “POST TO SOCIALS” notification interrupting your day, sit back and watch your posts go out, or pull your previously created content and throw it on your socials.

Finally, by strategizing ahead of time, you can easily go back over your analytics and figure out what works and what doesn’t work, just in time to plan your next month of content. Did your engagement-driven posts perform best? Create more next month! Did a funny Reel get tons of attention? Make more like that!

Your social media is much more than a pretty feed or something to check off your to-do list. It’s a direct line of communication with your customers and free marketing real estate. Use it correctly, and watch it make you money.

Want more tips like these? Follow @goldenrodcontent on Instagram and Facebook, or shoot me a DM or email!

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