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Post vs. Reels: a Real Case Study

You may have heard (many times) that Instagram has been prioritizing Reels over static posts for a while now. The technical explanation is that, to compete with apps like Tik Tok, Instagram has designed an algorithm that showcases short-form video content (Reels) to its viewers at a much higher rate and consistency than photos and other static posts. In short: your posts are getting a dwindling number of likes, right?

Many people view it like this: Reels get the views my posts once had. This isn’t quite true, however. Yes, your photos aren’t getting the amount of views as they once did. However, your Reels have an opportunity to get a vastly larger amount of views than your posts ever did. Why? They’re being seen by more than just your followers.

Yes, the direction towards Reels can be inconvenient, and requires more work and attention than a simple post. And yes, your beautiful, funny, or creative photos may not be getting the love they deserve. But it isn’t all bad! The potential in the amount of views your content can receive outweighs the negatives, if you utilize it correctly.

See this real life case study:

This small, product-based business’ Instagram account has about 2,050 followers. An average of a few recent static posts comes to about 500 views per post. An average of a few recent Reels comes to about 5,000 views per Reel.

500 to 5,000 is a pretty big leap, right? Especially when it represents people who may in turn visit your store, buy your product, and become regular customers. Let’s say your main product costs $10, and 50% of your regular viewership converts to sales in a week: that’s a lot of money.

Now, you may be thinking: do I need to post Reels everyday? Do I need to forget taking photos ever again for my business?

Posting a Reel every day can be a great way to boost engagement and following in a shorter amount of time. However, I find that for long-term plans, a balance is still a good idea. Spending a week posting Reels everyday, only to burn out and stop posting for a month won't help you. If you haven’t jumped on the Reels bandwagon, or you’ve only posted a few, I would try this:

Post at least one Reel a week to begin with, and watch your regular viewership explode after a while. By building your engagement and following with Reels, your posts are likely to begin getting more attention, too! Posts are still great for sharing valuable information, education, and digestible material that can be easily foun

d again. Reels are great for boosting viewership, attracting new followers, and staying relevant in your followers’ feeds!

Creating consistent Reels can seem intimidating. However, taking short video clips with your iPhone is all you need. Also, don’t put your camera away just yet: you can use your photos in Reels, too! A ten-second video of a few photos over a trending audio will do wonders.

Takeaway: You need to post Reels to get higher levels of viewership, engagement, and followers. Start off with an easy balance between posts and Reels. Don’t forget to reuse photos and graphics from posts in your Reels, too.

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